Dance Base captures the zeitgeist this Fringe

This article is from 2018

Dance Base

Varhung – Heart to Heart

Scotland's national dance centre presents 24 shows from around the world that are bound together by our current times

Every August, buildings across Edinburgh are transformed from ordinary halls, hotels and lecture theatres into theatrical spaces – but one venue in particular is true to its genre year-round. Dance Base, Scotland's National Centre for Dance, is a regular home to classes and workshops – but during the Fringe, productions celebrating dance in all its glorious forms arrive from around the world.

From energetic tap to narrative ballet, flamenco to African, there are 24 shows to choose from at Dance Base, created in Scotland, Taiwan, Australia, Finland, Ireland, South Africa and more.

And the woman responsible for travelling far and wide to cherry pick this basket of dance delights, artistic director Morag Deyes, spotted a commonality she hadn't initially noticed was there.

'Programming can be quite a magical thing,' she says. 'Because you make all these decisions based on what you're seeing, and then you realise there's something that binds all of them together. And I discovered that the programme is a conglomeration of what the zeitgeist is at the moment, especially in young artists' lives. It's definitely about history in the making, about big changes and what people believe in and feel passionate about.'

Dance Base Fringe programme, 3-26 Aug, times and prices vary.

Taiwan Season: Varhung – Heart to Heart

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