Fringe Wives Club: 'It's all about breaking that fourth wall'

This article is from 2018

Fringe Wives Club – 'It's all about breaking that fourth wall'

James Penlidis

A trio hellbent on making feminist cabaret-comedy with a banging soundtrack

Nine-to-fivers have office wives, workout buddies have gym wives, so it makes sense that the pals you see at arts festivals across the world will be your Fringe wives. That's how it worked out for Fringe Wives Club aka Victoria Falconer, Tessa Waters and Rowena Hutson, who found themselves meeting and re-meeting on the dance floor everywhere from Edinburgh to Adelaide.

'The foundation of the show is the friendship of the three of us,' says Waters. 'We wanted to make a show that celebrated what we respect about one another and our strengths as artists. It came about in a conversation about making feminist work that could be both hilarious and have a banging soundtrack.'

Large parts of the show, in particular the musical interludes, have been workshopped from the trio's shared stories. The #MeToo movement really sparked something in their creative process, and became an important part of Glittery Clittery's narrative. 'Nobody knew what this past year was going to be, but obviously it was something everybody was talking about, including us,' says Falconer. 'We had to work out how to respond to it in the ways that we can: I come from a cabaret background, Tess is physical comedy and Ro is storytelling, so we brought all that to the table and did what we could.'

The trio obviously take great joy from performing together, and from audience reactions. 'It's all about breaking that fourth wall,' says Waters. Agreeing that Fringe audiences are hungry for interaction, they're happy to start conversations about the topics their cabaret broaches. It's important for Fringe Wives Club to spark debate about the state of the world with Glittery Clittery dealing with body positivity, domestic violence, sex education and feminism, all through an art form that leaves plenty of room for fun.

'We want the crowd to be validated in their experience,' says Falconer. 'To have sore cheeks from laughing and want to go get a glass of champagne and hit the dance floor.'

Fringe Wives Club: Glittery Clittery, Assembly Roxy, 1–26 August.

Fringe Wives Club: Glittery Clittery

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