Edinburgh Art Festival 2018: Art Late Two with ST.MARTiiNS

This article is from 2018

Edinburgh Art Festival 2018: Art Lates Two with ST.MARTiiNS


Evening trails shine a light on Edinburgh Art Festival, with visits to works by Shilpa Gupta, Adam Lewis Jacob, Tacita Dean and more.

With so much on offer during the festival season, it's impossible to fit everything in during the daylight hours. Happily, the Edinburgh Art Festival's Art Lates are back again this year, with twilit tours of their programme's treasures every Thursday evening in August, in collaboration with The List.

The second Art Late this year, to be held on 9 August, will begin with a visit to Shilpa Gupta's For, in your tongue, I cannot hide. The installation, located at Edinburgh College of Art's Fire Station venue, features 100 microphones suspended on metal rods, each piercing a page on which is written a fragment of poetry by an artist who once found themselves in conflict against dominant powers and cultural discourses. Next up will be Adam Lewis Jacob's No Easy Answers, a moving image installation that explores Brexit Britain and late capitalism through manipulated animals and recorded interviews between the artist and his grandmother.

The third stop will take place at Stills: Centre for Photography, for a viewing of their exhibition The days never seem the same: Gunnie Moberg and Margaret Tait, two artists who worked in different mediums but were linked by their strong affinity to the island and people of Orkney. Finally, the walk will come to Tacita Dean: Women with a Red Hat, a showcase of works related to performance, narrative and the imagination by the Turner-nominee. The night will then close with music from the Dundee jazz-inflected pop-electronic outfit ST.MARTiiNS, who will perform at the Fruitmarket Gallery as the sun sets on the city that – for one month only – never sleeps.

Art Late 2, The Fire Station at Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place, 9 Aug, 5.30pm, £9 (£8), list.co.uk/artlate.

Art Late

Throughout the festival period, the city is alive at every hour of the day. Art Late is a series of specially programmed late openings and events, taking in exciting live music, performances, artist talks and tours. This year offers even more opportunities to enjoy our programme by night in the heart of the city.

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Art Late with music from ST.MARTiiNS

9 August, 5.30pm   Shilpa Gupta, For, in your tongue I cannot hide: 100 Jailed Poets Adam Lewis Jacob, No Easy Answers Stills: Centre for Photography The Fruitmarket Gallery Performance by ST. MARTiiNS   Each Thursday evening during the Festival we host tours of the Festival programme with artist performances and talks…

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Adam Lewis Jacob: No Easy Answers 

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‘The suburbs dream of violence.’ JG Ballard, Kingdom Come, 2006. For our 2018 Festival, Adam Lewis Jacob presents No Easy Answers, an experimental moving image installation combining manipulated animations, found material and interviews between the artist and his Nan, which are interrupted by short narrative excursions.