Worms get the last laugh in Lucy Pearman's 2018 Fringe show

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Worms get the last laugh in Lucy Pearman's 2018 Fringe show

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Working Girl meets The Hungry Caterpillar in the Best Newcomer nominee's latest 'weird' Fringe hour

Since her Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nomination at last year's Fringe, Lucy Pearman's wonderfully absurd brand of physical clowning has found its rightful place among the many 'must-see' comedy acts of 2018. You'd maybe expect such an accolade to have a profound or transformative effect, but for Pearman, her approach to comedy remains as eccentric and creative as ever.

'I don't think it's changed,' she says when asked about her style of comedy. 'I suppose I have felt bit of pressure but it has also made me believe in what I'm doing a bit more. To get a nod like that is amazing when you're making weird stuff. It's really nice that they liked it but I wouldn't let it change my approach because that's what seemed to have worked.'

Her new show, Fruit Loop, shares similarities with her 2017 hit Maid of Cabbage, especially in its quirky storytelling and nonsensical plot line. 'It's quite a visual show. I wanted to try some different characters and tie it together with a worm. I thought about worms quite a lot and how they have a very low status, but they are the ones that eat us when we die: they get the last laugh in a way. Imagine Working Girl meets The Hungry Caterpillar or a back-to-front Ugly Duckling story. It's about how the worm has misunderstood and thinks one day she will be a butterfly like caterpillars do. She has to learn the difficult lesson that she's just a worm.'

So besides her imaginative narratives and full commitment to the character, whatever it may be, what can audiences expect this time round? 'They can expect a bad Spanish accent, a villain of the piece, a bit of dribble, a deaf potato, a song and some merchandise. I'll be hanging around afterwards to sell some little things I've made so I hope they take them away because I'll be stuck with 500 worms wearing shoes otherwise.' Intrigued? Us too.

Lucy Pearman: Fruit Loop, Monkey Barrel, 2–27 August.

Lucy Pearman: Fruit Loop

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United Agents / Heroes 2017 Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominee Lucy Pearman returns with a new show. Pearman brings the story of a worm who has misunderstood her existence. As seen on Spencer Jones The Mind Of Herbert Clunkerdunk on BBC and heard on Tim Key's Late Night Poetry Programme BBC Radio 4. ‘First steps…