Just Festival 2018: Mandela's legacy of hope and reconciliation comes to Edinburgh

This article is from 2018

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Take Refuge Under My Shade

From apartheid-era drama to creative responses to terrorism, Just Festival looks injustice square in the eye

Celebrating humanity in all its diverse forms might not be in vogue for some of our world leaders, but the Edinburgh Festival has always promoted fairness and eclecticism in equal measure. At the heart of that mission is the Just Festival, with its annual array of theatre, talks, music, dance and exhibitions.

For Let it Art, young people were challenged to come up with creative responses to terrorism and violence, while Forward to Freedom is an exhibition of posters which tell the story of the British anti-apartheid movement. Still on South Africa, Mandela's Legacy is a panel event which considers the lessons which were learned during reconciliation and asks whether the latest leadership is up to the task of taking the country forward.

Theatre productions include apartheid-era drama The Island, while David Greig's Dr Korczak's Example is set in a Warsaw ghetto during World War II. Dance show Take Refuge Under My Shade follows the interlocking stories of three pregnant women, while musical delights include LA band ADAAWE and a cappella sensations, Alabaster Box.

Just Festival

Just Festival offers a programme to help people explore their spirituality by engaging with others and promoting peace with live music, talks, dance shows and exhibitions.