Jean therapy: Why a group of drag queens want to make the world a better place

This article is from 2018

Jean therapy

Drag sensations Denim are toning their Edinburgh Fringe show down two notches to accommodate a new breed of younger fans

In a time of universal division, drag queens have become somewhat unexpected but important role models for young people. Queer pop supergroup Denim don't take this responsibility lightly, having created a new show especially for the next generation. 'When I was a kid in the Middle East, I had no access to any kind of queer imagery or identities,' Glamrou explains. 'So, I suppose the inspiration for this show is my child-self and I hope that it provides a space for young kids to witness the power of being queer to avoid any shame and anxiety later in life.'

The Denim Juniors is all about providing a family-friendly drag experience with music, dancing and plenty of glitter. 'Kids love us!' Elektra continues. 'Whether it's the incredible singing, the stunning make-up or the chocolate bribes, I couldn't say. But seriously, we performed at Port Eliot Festival in front of hundreds of people and there were a few rows of children who just went wild. It was so special to perform transgressive material to an audience of young people that visibly enjoyed the story, the colours and the sounds.'

It's not just about the glamour though, but the message too: Denim are all about showing kids that it's OK to express yourself, be yourself and love yourself. 'We want to show that anything is possible,' notes Crystal. 'And that being yourself can come in any form, in any dress or pair of heels, or persona.'

'Like the fabric, Denim is for everyone,' adds Aphrodite. 'Whether you're a flare-wearing kinda kid, a boot-cut grandpa, a mom-jean mother of four, or a straight leg dad, the Denim Queens are here to help. Our shows are about the strength of queer family, and our message is always brought to glittering life through the power of pop.'

If drag can be considered an antidote to the intolerance and hate that exists in today's world, Glamrou, Aphrodite, Crystal, Elektra and Shirley remind us of the power of individuality in the fight against adversity.

Denim: The Denim Juniors, Assembly George Square Gardens, George Square, 4–19 Aug (not 13).

Denim: The Denim Juniors

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This drag pop concert for kids glows with stunning costumes and live music from animated classics to party hits. Denim is the place to scream, dream, and become a queen.