Fringe female comedy duos: Norris and Parker

This article is from 2018

Female Comedy Duos: Norris and Parker (Kate Norris and Sinead Parker)

Kate Norris and Sinead Parker

It's no holds barred as Kate Norris and Sinead Parker explain what they really think of each other

Sarcasm, hyperbole and hilarious honesty are revealed in this chat with comedic partnership and affectionate frenemies Norris and Parker.

What one thing do you remember most about how you met each other?

Sinead: It was a slow burner of a friendship. We met at drama school nine years ago and on the first group trip to the pub I watched Katie from afar. She was squeezed into a slutty New Look dress with her tits spilling out, caked in fake tan, cackling like a Somerset fishwife and I thought 'not for me thanks'.

Kate: I was absolutely gutted when I heard I shared a birthday with Sinead because I immediately realised this pathetic anaemic creature was going to attach herself to me like a whelk on a rock. I was correct and she has been draining the life out of me ever since.

What's the best thing about working with the other one?

Kate: Getting to know Sinead's father who I really admire for his Stalin-esque leadership qualities as a businessman and a father. Not to mention the fact that he is incredibly fit.

Sinead: Excuse me?

Kate: I mean he goes to spin class every morning.

Sinead: The other day our agent put half of Katie's pay for a job I had nothing to do with into my bank account. I had to return it in the end which seems unfair because as her wife I am entitled to half her earnings.

What's the worst thing about working with the other one?

Kate: When we get writers block and then drink too much wine resulting in either a massive row or a horrific sexual encounter.

Sinead: Sadly not with each other but I live in hope.

If your comedy partner hadn't become part of a double act, what do you think she would have done with her life?

Sinead: Katie would become the mother of four boys. She would ban vulnerability and they would all grow up to be sociopaths just like her.

Kate: It's a toss-up between a law conversion course or a stint in an asylum.

If your current comedy partner was suddenly unable to work with you ever again, which famed comedian would you headhunt to replace them?

Kate: I long for this day, but sadly due to Sinead's severe abandonment issues I know this will never be the case. If my prayers were answered I wouldn't bother replacing her as I would happily go solo.

Sinead: What's going on? Why wouldn't we be working together? Katie, where are you going? Are we OK?

Kate: Cheers, The List …

Sinead: Are you ill? Am I ill? I did think I had herpes recently, but it was actually just a trapped hair follicle but apart from that I think I'm fine?

Kate: Apart from mentally…

Sinead: If you are planning on leaving me I think it's important that you give me some warning.

Kate: Can you please shut the fuck up, I want to watch Love Island now.

Norris & Parker: Burn the Witch, Pleasance Courtyard, 5–26 Aug, 10.45pm, £8–£9.50 (£7–£8.50). Previews 1–3 Aug, £6.

Norris & Parker: Burn the Witch

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