Fringe female comedy duos: Lazy Susan

This article is from 2018

Female Comedy Duos: Lazy Susan (Freya Parker and Celeste Dring)

Lazy Susan: Freya Parker and Celeste Dring / credit: Bobby Goulding

Freya Parker and Celeste Dring confess the worst (and best) things about working with each other

Comedy double act and firm friends, Lazy Susan are back at the Fringe with a sometimes silly, and often funny, show. Here they discuss their very first meeting, and imagine alternative futures working with Kermit the Frog.

What one thing do you remember most about how you met each other?

Freya: It was in a pub in south London and we discussed making a very worthy, serious piece of theatre together. So cute!

Celeste: We were introduced by a mutual friend and we all went for drinks together, so it was like going on a weird date.

What's the best thing about working with the other one?

Freya: Laughing ourselves into a stupor plus enabling each other's habit of buying masks off eBay.

Celeste: Probably that she is quite different from me, so I really enjoy what she brings and find her genuinely surprising. She's just more of a natural oddball, as you can see from the fact that I've written these sincere mini-essays and I'm guessing that's she's just put short, daft answers.

What's the worst thing about working with the other one?

Freya: We can get really intense and lose our grip on reality.

Celeste: Because we are quite different, it's sometimes not a straightforward process pulling in the same direction. We always work it out though because we love each other like brothers.

If your comedy partner hadn't become part of a double act, what do you think she would have done with her life?

Freya: A tap dancing champion or undercover cop or both if the schedule was workable.

Celeste: Nothing. She owes me everything. OK, maybe she would have been a revered writer and actress in her own right, and yes she is doing that anyway.

If your current comedy partner was suddenly unable to work with you ever again, which famed comedian would you headhunt to replace them?
Freya: Kermit the Frog: simply a great all-rounder.

Celeste: After a long period of mourning I'd probably dip into the pool of our peers and go for David Elms or Jordan Brookes coz I think they are really funny and unique. I also think they are quite kind souls, which is important when you are wheeling out your half-formed drivel and you need someone to see the potential in it. I'd wear black forever though.

Lazy Susan: Forgive Me, Mother!, Assembly George Square Theatre, 3–27 Aug (not 14), 4.20pm, £9.50–£10.50. Previews 1 & 2 Aug, £6.50.

Lazy Susan: Forgive Me, Mother!

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