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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018: Hit shows that are returning for a second run

This article is from 2018

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018: Hit shows that are returning for a second run

Woke / credit: Robin Mitchell

Catch these buzzworthy shows that you might've missed the first time around

No matter how meticulously you plan your Fringe schedule, there's always going to be something that slips through the cracks. Perhaps it was the big name that sold out its month-long run straight off the bat; or maybe it was that offbeat indie production that became an overnight sensation. Either way, there's no need to fear, as many such fan favourites and critical darlings return to Edinburgh for a victory lap. To help you catch up on what you might've missed, we've compiled four returning shows from the Fringe's 'big four' venues. So get out there and see these acts before they're gone for good.

Gilded Balloon

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018: Hit shows that are returning for a second run

Hot Brown Honey / credit: Danika Yakina
Hot Brown Honey
Back for their third Fringe outing, the ladies of Hot Brown Honey dismantle misogyny, racism and colonialism with their signature sass in this award-winning, genre-blending feminist cabaret.
Hot Brown Honey, Gilded Balloon Teviot, Fri 3 Aug-Mon 27 Aug

Two women, 42 years apart, recount their experiences of the American civil rights movement, from the Black Panthers to Ferguson. Set to a soundtrack of gospel and blues, Apphia Campbell's show nabbed a Fringe First award last year.
Woke, Gilded Balloon Teviot, Mon 20 Aug-Mon 27 Aug

As Trump settles in for his second year at the 'Summer White House', he returns to Edinburgh to ask the audience what havoc - ahem, policies - he should focus on in the latter half of his first term.
Trumpageddon, Gilded Balloon Teviot, Wed 1 Aug-Mon 27 Aug

Mark Thompson's Spectacular Science Show
TV astronomer and author Mark Thompson blows up Pringle tubes and creates a vortex in a dustbin in this family-friendly show about the strange and magical properties of matter.
Mark Thompson's Spectacular Science Show, Gilded Balloon at the Museum, Fri 3 Aug - Sun 26 Aug


Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018: Hit shows that are returning for a second run

Our Man in Havana
Ovid's Metamorphoses
Winner of the 2010 Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award makes a timely return to the Fringe in its exploration of humankind's connection to nature, setting these age-old tales of love and transformation against the backdrop of the Second World War.
Ovid's Metamorphoses, Pleasance Dome, Wed 1 Aug-Mon 27 Aug

Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho
Marking the 30th anniversary of Section 28, Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho returns to her cabaret roots and embarks on a colourful journey through LGBT history in Britain, with many-a rollicking 80s disco hit thrown in for good measure.
Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho, Pleasance Courtyard, Wed 1 Aug-Mon 27 Aug

Our Man in Havana
A run-in-the-mill vacuum cleaner salesman in Havana begins his improbable rise to the head of the British Secret Service when he fabricates military reports to save his business and placate his materialistic daughter.
Our Man In Havana, Pleasance Courtyard, Tue 21 Aug-Mon 27 Aug

Ruby Wax: Frazzled
Ruby Wax brings her guide to saner living back to Edinburgh, with plenty of audacious, funny and insightful advice about how to not lose your head in these crazy times.
Ruby Wax: Frazzled, Pleasance Courtyard, Mon 20 Aug-Sun 26 Aug


Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018: Hit shows that are returning for a second run

Attrape-moi / credit: Joe Rondone
High-flying acrobatics, dramatic trampoline turns and parkour push the boundaries of circus in this feat of dazzling athleticism and showmanship from Quebecois company Flip FabriQue.
Attrape-moi, Assembly Hall, Thu 2 Aug-Mon 27 Aug

Choir of Man
High-energy, feel-good show featuring nine ordinary blokes singing and dancing to classic hits, set in a working bar.
Choir of Man, Assembly Rooms, Thu 2 Aug-Sun 26 Aug

Black and White Tea Room - Counsellor
A dark drama set in 1980s Seoul. A retired policeman-turned-counsellor sees his clients in a tearoom, which he shuts every year on the anniversary of his wife's death. But when a client demands to see him on this date, their pained history soon reveals itself.
Black and White Tea Room - Counsellor, Assembly Rooms, Thu 2 Aug-Sat 25 Aug

A slapstick homage to Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and the era of silent filmmaking. Tom Flanagan returns as the hapless projectionist at the centre of this tale, which had its debut at the Fringe in 2012.
Kaput, Assembly George Square, Thu 2 Aug-Sun 26 Aug


Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018: Hit shows that are returning for a second run

Lola and Jo: Focus Groupies
Mark Nelson: Irreverence
The provocative funnyman returns with his less-than-savoury brand of humour and a misanthropic eye towards current political events.
Mark Nelson: Irreverence, Underbelly Med Quad, Thu 23 Aug-Sat 25 Aug

Hot Gay Time Machine
Back from their acclaimed debut at last year's Fringe, the Hot Gay Time Machine whisks audiences through the seminal moments in every gay man's life, from coming out to your mum to the struggle to not stare at penises in the locker room.
Hot Gay Time Machine, Underbelly, Thu 2 Aug-Sun 26 Aug

Gravity-defying acrobatics, live music and incredible vocal prowess comes together in this celebratory tableau of diversity in voice, dance and circus.
Circolombia, Underbelly Circus Hub, Fri 3 Aug-Sat 25 Aug

Lola and Jo: Focus Groupies
Lola and Jo hire market researchers Leslie and Jackie (definitely not Lola and Jo in disguise) to conduct focus groups for their Fringe show next year, taking storytelling and sketch comedy to new heights of meta-hilarity.
Lola and Jo: Focus Groupies, Underbelly, Thu 2 Aug-Sun 26 Aug