Big Fat Bribe Blog: Bigger and more easily corruptible than ever

This article is from 2018

Big Fat Bribe Blog: Bigger and more easily corruptible than ever

In case you were wondering: the lovely lady's name is Judy. And that vagina is made out of latex.

It's that time of year again – The List's Big Fat Bribe blog is back! Send us something nice and/or weird and we might cover your show

In a world that seems to be spinning wildly off its axis, we at The List like to think we do our small part to keep the wheels of decency turning. We pay our council taxes. We'll stop and pat a good dog. We hold doors open for people even when they're still basically a mile away. Y'know, we're like, good people.

That is, until Fringe madness descends upon our fair city. Then all bets are off. Then we transform into the voracious, power-mad arts journalists we really were deep down all along, wantonly exchanging media coverage for wealth and fame.

Okay, no. But our post-box IS now ripe and ready for some annual bribery. For those not in the know: every year as we look ahead to the Fringe, we ask for little gifts from the artists – nothing extravagant, mind, just little bits of tat that'll make us laugh or seriously question your sanity and remind us to lock our doors tonight. Whilst we can't guarantee as good a return for your money as Putin's investment in American politics, we can give your show some free coverage here on our blog, festival guides and social media channels. Wahey!

What else can we say? We're simple folk: we love sweeties, we love our flowers with a side of rhubarb, we love doing our pelvic floor exercises whilst complete strangers polish our computer monsters. So sue us! (Please don't).

So c'mon, hit us with your best shot. The more bizarre, the better. The more edible, the best. Just please, for the love of god – don't post us anything illegal or worse, gross. We are starving, sleep-deprived people holed up in a sweaty attic, trying to type as fast as our little fingers can go. Be good to us, and we'll be good to you.

Send your bribes to:

The Keeper of the Bribes
The List
Tweeddale Court
14 High Street

And now we wait.