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  • 22 July 2008

This article is from 2008

Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton

One of the key figures of British Pop Art brings us Protest Pictures, a selection of paintings, installations and collages examining his often damning portrayal of politics, movements and leaders. Inverleith House, Inverleith Place/Row, 0131 248 2971, 31 Jul-12 Oct, free.

Chad McCail

Some new screen prints by the Scotland-based international artist which explore his viewpoint on the mechanics and history of compulsory education and how we as a society deal with kids. Edinburgh Printmakers, Union Street, 0131 557 2479, 19 Jul-6 Sep, free.

Emily Young

This figurative artist carves in marble, quartzite and alabaster addressing the nature or where and how we are in the universe. Singing Stone is the name of this exhibition. Bourne Fine Art, Dundas Street, 0131 557 4050, 1 Aug-6 Sep, free.


At the launch of this new arts space in Musselburgh, 14 artists (including Ian Hamilton Finlay and Kuehne+Klein) have been invited to make a creative response to the gallery. Stuart House, Station Road, Musselburgh, 0131 273 4339, 26 Jul-31 Aug, admission.

Alexander Heim

The first UK solo show from this London-based German artist draws together crafted works on paper, film, photography and sculpture to look into the complex relations of urban living and the natural world. doggerfisher, Gayfield Square, 0131 557 7110, 31 Jul-13 Sep, free.

Impressionism & Scotland

How much of a taste did this nation have for the works of Monet, Degas, Renoir and co? Quite a lot it seems as we witness pieces by the Glasgow Boys and the Scottish Colourists standing beside the old masters. National Gallery Complex, The Mound, 0131 624 6200, 19 Jul-12 Oct, £8 (£6).


This new artist-run initiative invites artists from Edinburgh to collaborate with their Glasgow cousins to playfully examine the differences and similarities between the two cities. echo, St Margaret’s House, London Road, 07879 054757, 7-21 Aug, free.

Vanity Fair Portraits

A range of 150 photographs show how celebrity portraiture has evolved since 1913 bringing together vintage prints and contemporary classics taken by everyone from Cecil Beaton to Annie Leibovitz. Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Queen Street, 0131 624 6200, until 21 Sep, £6 (£4).

Leon Morrocco

For nearly 30 years this artist has travelled the globe in search of inspiration for his work. From Melbourne to Morocco highlights the diverse cultures of Europe and Australia and celebrates his response to them. Open Eye Gallery, Abercromby Place, 0131 557 1020, 9 Aug-3 Sep, free.

Return of the Soul: The Nakbah Project

Jane Frere worked with Palestinian artists for eight months constructing a sculptural installation reflecting on the way that the Holocaust sowed the seeds of unrest in the Middle East. WASPS Studio, Patriothall, 0131 226 7126, 30 Jul-18 Aug, free.

Edinburgh Art Festival

Scotland's largest annual celebration of visual art offers work by the best contemporary Scottish artists as well as exhibitions of the most important international artists and movements of the 20th century and other historical periods.

Chad McCail

  • 3 stars

Two series' of screenprints and a suite of lithographs, reflecting the history and mechanics of compulsory education and our dealings with puberty as a culture. Artist's talk, Sat 23 Aug. 'Part of the Edinburgh Art Festival'

Richard Hamilton: Protest Pictures

  • 3 stars

Retrospective giving an (incomplete) idea of just how influential the great British pop artist has been. His critiques of the way mass media communicates politics might now seem commonplace, but this is a good reminder of just who pioneered those techniques in the first place.

Impressionism and Scotland

Scottish Impressionism from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, comprising over 100 works by artists as diverse as Whistler, Corot, McTaggart and the Glasgow Boys, as well as Monet, Manet, Degas, Van Gogh and the Scottish Colourists.

Singing Stone

An exhibition featuring recent work by Emily Young, one of the UK's foremost carvers of stone. 'Part of the Edinburgh Art Festival'

Alexander Heim: Doves

  • 3 stars

Lyrical, sophisticated first UK show by the young German artist, which pivots on a surprisingly simple video of pigeons outside a coffee shop, expanding its themes into photography and large sculpture.


  • 3 stars

The new Edinburgh artist-run initiative echo offers an exhibition on the (sibling) rivalry between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Each of the five featured artists has chosen an artist based in Glasgow to either collaborate with or to submit work for the show. 'Part of the Edinburgh Art Festival'

Leon Morrocco: From Melbourne to Morocco? Drawing on Life

An exhibition highlighting the diverse cultures of Australia, Spain, Italy, Malta, France, Greece and Great Britain, celebrating Leon Morrocco's response to each country 'Part of the Edinburgh Art Festival'

Return of the Soul - The Nakbah Project

  • 4 stars

Featuring thousands of tiny figures held in limbo, this installation by Jane Frere is the outcome of an 8-month residency in East Jerusalem. The work is sombre reflection upon the consequences of a never-to-be-forgotten tragedy in Europe that cast the Palestinian people into purgatory, sowing the seeds of perpetual unrest…

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