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The Great Tapestry of Scotland returns to the Scottish Parliament for 2014 Edinburgh Festival

15 Jul 2014

Scotland's history presented in an unparalleled work of collaborative art

The Great Tapestry of Scotland is more than just an unparalleled work of collaborative craft. At 143 metres in length, with 160 panels depicting the history of Scotland from the formation of the rocks to the creation of Scotland’s parliament, it’s an…

Interview: John Byrne set to bring two shows to 2014 Edinburgh Art Festival

15 Jul 2014

The polymath artist on what inspires him and why he'll never retire

It’s sometimes easy to forget that John Byrne was a painter before he became a playwright. While he has earned a living as an artist since 1967, only latterly, it seems, has the Paisley-born author of The Slab Boys Trilogy and TV comedy drama Tutti…

Michael Nyman: Man With a Movie Camera at 2013 Edinburgh Art Festival

1 Aug 2013

Installation of remakes by filmmaker and composer

Michael Nyman is best known for his work as a contemporary composer who has soundtracked myriad films, including several directed by the painterly Peter Greenaway, as well as scoring mainstream success for his work on Jane Campion's The Piano. Such…

Paul Rooney and arts collective Leeds United pair up for show at 2013 Edinburgh Art Festival

1 Aug 2013

Video and text works blur the boundaries of authorship

If ever there was a match made in northern English heaven, it's this one between Liverpool-born polymath Paul Rooney and arts collective Leeds United. While Rooney has plundered pop culture to create a series of fantastical parallel universes featuring…

Elizabeth Blackadder: Works On Paper

29 Jul 2013

Return to familiar ground with new body of watercolours

It would seem rather apt that Elizabeth Blackadder should choose to present a new exhibition of works on paper in 2013. Thirty years ago, in 1983, she was bestowed with the Royal Academy’s Pimms Award for Work On Paper; the influence of Chinese and…

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Coming Into Fashion: A Century of Photography

29 Jul 20134 stars

Stylish collection of work from publisher Condé Nast’s archive

Glamorous and stylish, this exhibition explores the early artworks of more than 80 fashion photographers whose work has graced the pages of Condé Nast’s publications since 1911. And art is what this show is about – powerful and graceful images that cast…

Edinburgh Art Festival 2013 to host Ângela Ferreira's debut UK solo show

29 Jul 2013

Political Cameras questions the colonial relationship between Europe and Africa

Two video monitors sit opposite one another on silver stands. Between them, three beige-coloured steps are supported by what resembles a pair of large, steel-inverted shuttlecocks. Behind them, a domineering piece of tinted glass dwarfs a small…

Ilana Halperin: the Library

3 Jun 20134 stars

Geologically-themed show repurposing museum exhibits as art

Location is everything for this new exhibition by Glasgow-based, New York-raised artist Ilana Halperin, the first recipient of an artist's fellowship at National Museums Scotland. Flying in the face of even the richest modern art's essential…

Soviet Grand Designs

30 Aug 20124 stars

Surprising exhibition of art created under suppression

John Barkes, an art dealer and collector based in London, has been buying works by Soviet artists since his 1992 visit to St Petersburg. He has since met more than 400 contemporary artists in the interest of buying their paintings and has assembled…

Norman McBeath & Robert Crawford: Body Bags / Simonides

11 Aug 20113 stars

Mournful collaboration between photographer and poet

Scots translations of epitaphs by the ancient Greek poet Simonides, coupled with black and white photographs, adorn the high-rising walls of two lofty Edinburgh College of Art studios. Joined by tall vases of white lilies, classical casts from the…

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Hayashi Takeshi: Haku-u (White Rain)

3 Aug 20113 stars

Impressive hand-carved sculptures

Once upon a time, Japanese artist Hayashi Takeshi looked out over a paddy field in the rain, the texture of the water’s surface as each inverted wet plop rose and fell clearly ingraining itself on his memory. With the primary and titular work on display…

The Northern Renaissance: Dürer to Holbein

3 Aug 20113 stars

Compendium of works inspired by the Renaissance innovator

There’s something of an inky-fingered Dürer overload in the ‘burgh just now. Following on from Dürer’s Fame over at the National Galleries, this 16th century compendium of more than 100 works uses his output as a springboard for the burgeoning of…

Tony Cragg

3 Aug 20114 stars

Stunning showcase of sculptor’s poetic, monolithic output

From Scouse lab technician to director of Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf, Cragg’s prolific artistic journey has been one of inspiration and rejection, absorption and a will to move beyond. While the works of Max Ernst, Richard Long, Joseph Beuys and Henry…

Dürer’s Fame

21 Jul 20114 stars

Tribute to the German woodcut and engravings master Albrecht Durer

German handball star Pascal Hens gazes out from a black-and-white poster, his torso naked, gaze serious, his pose one of self-deification. This is enhanced further by a tattoo on his stomach of two disembodied hands clasped together as if in prayer.

World Press Photo 2011 in Edinburgh - Jodi Bieber interview

8 Jul 2011

Photo of mutilated young Afghan woman a symbol of tormented times

Bibi Aisha was 18 when the Taliban came calling for her just before midnight. Forced into a mountain clearing in the southern Afghan province of Uruzgan, she was put on trial and convicted by a local commander. Her crime: fleeing from a violent husband…

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A Drawback

16 Aug 2010

The phenomenon of drawing has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, with many artists now returning to producing, exhibiting and selling contemporary drawings. This exhibition by Perennial Art celebrates the diversity and richness of the practice and…


12 Aug 2010

This new site-specific, collaborative exhibition developed during a series of micro-residencies in a New Town garage features work by UK-based international artists including Rebecca Key, Holly Fulton, Thomas MacGregor and Bob Moyler, and hosts various…

Thomas Carlile's Landscapes of Memory

5 Aug 2010

Public art exhibition spread across the city interpretable by touch phones

Keen-eyed observers will spot a number of black and white square barcodes amidst the shop signs and fly posting that decorate Edinburgh’s streets. But what is their purpose? Rachael Cloughton explains: The first one I saw was stuck to the concrete…

Impressionist Gardens

5 Aug 20104 stars

A remarkable exhibition of iconic, influential works at The National Galleries

The National Galleries of Scotland’s ambitious exhibition brings together around 100 paintings focusing on the garden as subject for impressionist painters: remarkably the first show of its kind to have been held anywhere in the world. It’s hard to…

Iran do Espírito Santo

5 Aug 20104 stars

Brazilian artist comes to the Ingleby Gallery presenting visual puns

Internationally acclaimed Brazilian artist Espírito Santo here presents visual puns in the form of beautiful mirrored and crystal sculptures, and a wall painting that alternately produces an instinctive and immersive effect. This is a formula that not…

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Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth: Staged

5 Aug 20104 stars

Edinburgh-based artists stage a cultural land grab from August’s invasion

Entered by way of a curtained-off doorway and presented in a compact room whose pillar-effect cornices form a kind of proscenium arch, this collaborative show by Edinburgh-based artists Coleman and Hogarth sets out its stall as a reflection upon the…

Richard Healy: Shapes and Things - five questions

5 Aug 2010

Sierra Metro artist on his influences and attitudes

In their exhibition at Sierra Metro artists Richard Healy and Gemma Holt explore the language of design through sculptural pieces, site-specific film installation and architectural techniques. Here Richard outlines his influences and attitude towards…

The Enlightenments

21 Aug 2009

Don’t expect worship of Enlightenment rationalism from the artistic crowd

A curious exhibition, The Enlightenments. As the extra ‘s’ suggests, it isn’t a homage to the art of the 18th century, and it doesn’t offer a single rational view of what ‘enlightenment’ might mean. The catalogue for this year’s International Festival…

Visual Art Hitlist

14 Aug 2009

Our pick of the week's exhibitions

Self-Made Cavalcade, Milestone, Jane and Louise Wilson: Unfolding the Aryan Papers, The Creative World of Alan Davie, The Enlightenments, The Discovery of Spain, Eva Hesse: Studiowork

5 Questions for Go Reborn

13 Aug 2009

Five things to see and buy at go reborn A rotating showcase of work by Scottish artists, designers, writers and fashionistas. A temporary pop-up Godiva shop taking the best of designers and newcomers from Godiva Boutique. Furniture that charts…