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The David Bowie connection: shows at 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

9 Jul 2013

Musicians, artists, comedians and choreographers with a connection to David Bowie

He may not be here in the flesh at this year’s festival, but there are plenty musicians, artists, comedians and choreographers in town with a connection to the Thin White Duke. Douglas Gordon painted Self Portrait of You + Me (David Bowie)

Encounters series offers insight into themes running through the Edinburgh International Festival 2012

23 Aug 2012

2 for 1 deals on Encounters talks during the last week of 2012 EIF

The Fringe/Book/International Festivals are coming to their various ends, but there's no need to dissolve into a flood of fest regrets: there are still gems to be found, and we can help you locate them. Encounters is a series of lectures and talks…

Top 5: Sports novels - The Damned United, Dead Cert and more

22 Aug 2012

Chris Cleave brings Olympics-based novel Gold to Edinburgh Book Festival

As Chris Cleave brings his Olympics-based novel, Gold, to the Book Festival Brian Donaldson kicks off the search for some sporty fiction

Richard Milward on karma and a girl called Kimberly

19 Aug 2012

The writer reads from latest book at the Faber Social Unbound event in Charlotte Square

‘One of the best books I’ve ever read about being young, working class and British,’ said Irvine Welsh of Richard Milward’s 2007 debut, Apples. The 27-year-old followed it with Ten Storey Love Song (2009), a riotous tale of tower-block living written in…

Robert MacFarlane at Edinburgh Book Festival with The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot

19 Aug 2012

Finding a calling in nature writing

A new generation of authors is bringing an incredible range of skills to nature writing: literary style, social observation, memoir, geology, cartography and psychology amongst them. All of which can be found in Robert Macfarlane’s remarkable third…

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John Gordon Sinclair on taking the plunge into crime fiction

19 Aug 2012

Actor discusses debut novel Seventy Times Seven at Edinburgh Book Festival

On approaching your first novel after decades spent working in another industry, it stands to reason that your job will influence the writing. It makes sense then that John Gordon Sinclair’s debut, Seventy Times Seven, has a cinematic quality to it…

Award-winning journalist James Meek to speak at Edinburgh Book Festival

19 Aug 2012

Meek will speak on his upcoming novel and the importance of book festivals

James Meek’s upcoming novel, The Heart Broke In, is billed as ‘a seductive drama full of scandal, dilemmas, love and sacrifice’. Coupled with his previous form, the acclaimed The People’s Act of Love and We Are Now Beginning Our Descent, the Charlotte…

Husband and wife graphic novel team Bryan and Mary M Talbot - interview

19 Aug 2012

The pair collaborated on Dotter of Her Father's Eyes

‘I think we’re living in the golden age of the graphic novel,’ explains veteran comics artist and writer Bryan Talbot, whose art has graced the pages of 2000AD, Batman and Sandman. ‘Every major literary festival has something on graphic novels these…

Lavinia Greenlaw set for Edinburgh International Book Festival date

19 Aug 2012

Poetry collection The Casual Perfect addresses getting older

At 49, Lavinia Greenlaw is hardly ancient, but her thoughts turn to the experience of getting older in her most recent collection of poetry, The Casual Perfect. ‘I wondered for years, thinking, if the casual perfect were a tense, what would it be? Then…

Interview: Stuart MacBride - author of Birthdays for the Dead

19 Aug 2012

Author at Edinburgh International Book Festival with a serial killer book

Give us five words to describe Birthdays for the Dead? Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark, and Dark. Seriously, it’s a very dark book in the classical noir tradition, rather than the ‘Tartan Noir’ marketing sense. Which author should be more famous than they…

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Russell Kane talks pop music, Indian food and bad hair - interview

11 Aug 2012

The comic and author answers our questions ahead of his appearances at Book Festival and Fringe

First record you ever bought ‘I Should Be So Lucky.’ Last extravagant purchase you made My new Prius. First film you saw that really moved you Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. Last lie you told It won’t hurt, I promise. First…

2012 Edinburgh Book Festival reflects on 1962 Edinburgh World Writers' Conference

10 Aug 2012

50 years on from landmark event featuring Burroughs, Mailer, MacDiarmid and Trocchi

In 1962, the Edinburgh World Writers Conference caused a literary stir as the likes of Burroughs, Mailer and Trocchi came to town. Fifty years on, the Book Festival marks that vibrant occasion with a new set of talks and speakers. We talk to some of…

Interview: Yiyun Li answers questions ahead of 2012 Edinburgh Fringe

10 Aug 2012

The Chinese American author will unveil new short story collection Elsewhere and chat to Hari Kunzru

First record you ever bought I don’t remember Last extravagant purchase you made An 1894 edition of Turgenev’s Sketches from a Hunter’s Album. First film you saw that really moved you Casablanca. Last lie you told I can’t remember. First…

Edinburgh International Book Festival: Highlights

10 Aug 2012

Seamus Heaney, Michael Morpurgo, Irvine Welsh, Nile Rodgers and more

Seamus Heaney The Nobel prizewinner is in town for what will be an undoubted highlight of the month (if not the year) as he chews some literary fat with Karl Miller and Andrew O’Hagan. See online feature at 3-18 Aug, 6.30pm, £10…

Edinburgh International Book Festival: Top 5 Kids events

10 Aug 2012

Patrick Ness, Michael Morpurgo, Louise Rennison, Doctor Who and more

Patrick Ness With A Monster Calls, Ness is cementing his already burgeoning reputation as a must-read author for the 12-16 group. When this book about a boy dealing with his mother’s battle against cancer won him the Carnegie Medal, Ness said the…

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Q&A: Kirsty Gunn speaks about new book before 2012 Edinburgh Book Festival

9 Aug 2012

The New Zealand born author talks about her new novel The Big Music

In her latest novel, Kirsty Gunn writes of a dying man trying to define his life through a new musical composition. Here she takes on our Q&A Give us five words to describe The Big Music?‬ ‪‬Family. Landscape. Secrets. A world. ‪‪Which author…

David Vann talks about new novel Dirt before 2012 Edinburgh Book Festival

9 Aug 2012

Writing books that are not for a mother’s eyes

‘I didn’t plan to write this book. It would’ve been better if I hadn’t written it, in fact.’ You can see David Vann’s point, but only because of his latest novel’s content, not its quality. Dirt is about a troubled young man in an incestuous and abusive…

Etgar Keret to talk at two events at 2012 Edinburgh Book Festival

9 Aug 2012

The Israeli author will host an event with writer Nathan Englander

Etgar Keret is looking forward to returning to the Edinburgh International Book Festival: ‘I’ve been to the festival once and being a spoiled brat wouldn’t have came again unless I know for a fact that I’m going to have a great time.’ He’ll be doing two…

Prolific young Nigerian author Chibundu Onuzo to talk at the 2012 Book Festival

9 Aug 2012

Looking to a future beyond books

Chibundu Onuzo’s tale is a heartening one for young writers. The Nigerian-born author began her first novel when she was just 17 and secured a two-book deal with Faber at 19, before being published at 21. Her debut, The Spider King’s Daughter, follows…

Irvine Welsh comes to 2012 Edinburgh Book Festival with Trainspotting prequel Skagboys

9 Aug 2012

The Scottish author jogs back into the past with Begbie and co

While us Scots haven’t got the best reputation for putting fitness and health at the top of our to-do lists, Irvine Welsh is doing his bit for the image of his nation in further-off climes. Now mainly based in the US, he has had to knock…

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Nile Rodgers, the man who brought us disco, to talk at the 2012 Edinburgh Book Festival

9 Aug 2012

How one man helped shape a generation of pop

As the Book Festival programme announces, Nile Rodgers is ‘The Man Who Brought Us Disco’. Or, to be more accurate, he is: The Chic Frontman Who Brought Us Disco; Who Worked with Mick Jagger, Prince and Debbie Harry; Who Produced Madonna, David Bowie and…

Highlands-based writer Melanie Challenger to talk about last year's book at Edinburgh Book Festival

9 Aug 2012

Reconnecting with the natural world

Highlands-based writer and poet Melanie Challenger acknowledges that last year’s On Extinction, a weighty book which muses on humanity’s often fraught relationship with the environment, isn’t a work based in specialist knowledge. ‘It’s a personal…

Top 5 tech-related shows at the Edinburgh Festivals 2012

8 Aug 2012

Featuring Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Misha Glenny, Mark Restuccia and Through the Looking Screen

The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs A one-man theatre show detailing the working conditions in Chinese factories that manufacture the iPhone, highlighting the lengths we are willing to go to in pursuit of technological advancement. Steve…

Unbound at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

7 Aug 2012

Night-time strand of off-the-page experimentation featuring Sarah Hall and Jenni Fagan

As wonderful as the Edinburgh International Book Festival is – and believe us, it is wonderful – the leafy confines of Charlotte Square Gardens, the village fete-style white tents and the hordes of latte-sipping Guardianistas can sometimes make the…

Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman bring joint live show to Edinburgh Fringe

6 Aug 2012

Singing and reading from musical and literary couple

‘Amanda taught Neil to love the festival,’ speaks the Palmer/Gaiman marital unimind (in fact hallowed fantasy author Gaiman emailing on behalf of himself and his ex-Dresden Doll and Fringe mainstay spouse). ‘He used to come to Edinburgh and do the book…